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Secondary battery

Battery Mixing

The mixing process, as the term suggests, refers to the process of measuring and mixing various raw materials needed to make the cathode and anode. For both the cathode and anode, the powder-form active materials are mixed with a binder, conductive agent, and solvent to create a slurry.
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Dry Electrode Process

Dry process is a solvent-free process and is characterized by being environmentally friendly and high production efficiency.The dry process can omit the drying process of the electrode and easily form a thick film electrode with higher loading compared to the wet process.
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Continuous Mixer

A continuous mixer is a stirring device used for continuous mixing and uniform dispersion of materials. In particular, it can be used to manufacture an active material and a conductive agent binder for secondary batteries. It is also available in chemistry, food, pharmaceuticals, building materials, and other industries where uniform mixing is important.
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All Solid State Battery

All-solid-state battery is a collective term for a battery in which all components of the battery are solid. Solid electrolytes are expected to enable large-capacity and high-power batteries over lithium-ion batteries, and making electrolytes solid has an advantage in terms of safety over lithium-ion batteries.
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