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PD Mixer (Planetary Disper Mixer)


Achieving the milestone of successfully commercializing the industry's first 2300L Main Mixer, which crushes powder lumps and mixes solvents to produce slurry.
The PD Mixer, equipped with the powerful mixing and stirring effects of PLANETARY and the high-speed dispersion effects of DESPA, is garnering significant attention in the industry. Based on YoonSung F&C's extensive experience and technical expertise accumulated over many years in the plant business, the company has designed and manufactured mixing equipment and mixing systems for the first time in the industry.

Product Introduction & Principle

The PD Mixer is a mixing, blending, and stirring machine that combines the powerful kneading and stirring effect of planetary motion with the high-shear force propulsion of a high-speed mixer through the operation of two angled blades. It is a mixing machine that efficiently surface-treats large quantities of solids (particulates) and small amounts of liquids.

The planetary motion (Planetary motion) of the two angled blades creates a powerful kneading effect (stirring, blending, dispersing) with almost no dead space, while the high-speed turbine blades generate impact and shear action. This machine can handle a wide range of viscosity levels, from low to high viscosity, and is particularly effective in shortening the dilution time during the ‘dough/dilution process.’
PD mixer
Operates with a combination of a Disper Blade for high-speed dispersion and a Planetary Blade for mixing and stirring actions.
Both blades rotate on their own axes while simultaneously orbiting around the tank's outer wall.
The rotation and revolution minimize dead space inside the vessel, enabling the machine to handle the entire range of viscosities from low to high with a single device.

Features of PD Mixer

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An interlock system prevents the blades from rotating when the agitator is raised, stopping unnecessary operations.
Features vacuum operation capabilities, including deaeration and light dehydration, using a vacuum hood and vacuum seal.
Made of stainless steel STS304 or STS316L, providing excellent resistance to corrosion and heat due to oxidation.


PD MIXER 50L 50 35 40 80 3000
PD MIXER 500L 500 350 26 51 1750
PD MIXER 800L 800 550 24 48 1800
PD MIXER 1000L 1000 700 20 40 1700
PD MIXER 1500L 1500 1050 24 41 1450
PD MIXER 2300L 2300 1610 23 36 1540
PD MIXER 4000L 4000 2800 19 37 1247
Custom-made delivery: All other capacities can be tailored to your specific requirements.